Here’s How You Can ‘Radically’ Improve Email Direct Marketing Results

Here’s How You Can ‘Radically’ Improve Email Direct Marketing Results

Whenever I walk into a departmental store and start looking at the products on the shelves and racks, I am usually interrupted gently by a salesman (occasionally a saleswoman). This is with a greeting – mainly “Hello Sir. (short pause). May I help you?”.

If I need something specific but don’t know where to find it, I am really thankful to him for asking me, and he does his duty of escorting me to the area where I could get it. If I am just passing my time I just nod back with a greeting and I tell him that I am just checking out the stuff they have. To this he answers “Sure sir, please take your time”. But that doesn’t mean he has left me alone. He will stand there studying me, my personality, the brand I am carrying, the products I am going thorough, etc. “Sir, if you buy two items from ‘competitor brand’ you will get the third for free.” Or, “There is a great offer on ladies apparel if you would like to consider surprising someone.” He will try to push some ‘relevant’ information to me so that I can divert my attention to something that I might feel interested in buying. This way he will be able to make a sale by understanding my behaviour.

Coming back to work, what if EDMs (Email Direct Marketing) are designed and programmed to be able to promote products and services in the similar fashion? People have different reading behaviours. People tend to ignore emails, because they get a lot of them. In fact, on many occasions people ignore emails from sources they know. Is there a way that an email (like a salesman) can prompt the email recipient to take notice of it, open it and do the required ‘call for action’. Call for action is the sole purpose of any business email. My teamtook this matter for discussion with various psychologists and we found out that email readers’ can be categorised according to their reading habits or behaviours. An email might seem good to one recipient, but unattractive to another. So make an email seem favourable and attractive enough to a recipient, it has to be created according to that particular reading behaviour. Turns out, an email of an EDM campaign should have at least 4 variations (each variation suitable for a group of reading behaviour) to have a good open and click through rate.

The challenge here is, how do we know the reading behaviour of any email recipient. We approached our contact database partner for understanding this, which (I would like to mention) is one of the largest B2B database company in the world. Knowing from them, each email recipient has a data profile which is built and updated frequently by their various database workers. This profile helps psychologists point-out the specific areas leading to isolation of the reading behaviour of the recipient. All the contacts can be sorted or filtered accordingly to reading behaviours creating lists of contacts ready for use.

Feel free to go through a short presentation (see below) of our work with respect to the subject. It will take you step-by-step through the whole process of targeting contacts according to reading behaviours.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments or email to and I will be glad to answer them.

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